The scanning tunneling microscope (STM) is a unique tool thanks to its spatial resolution (subatomic) and its ability to measure differential conductance at finite bias. In this way, the excitations of extended systems can be studied spatially using electrons as probes.

Recently, the use of microwaves in the STM junction has permitted the acquisition of electron spin resonance on single atoms. This has revolutionized the study of condensed matter in two ways. The first one is the enhanced energy resolution because now we can study excitations in the nano-eV range. The second one, is the ability to produce short pulses giving acces to quantum control of spins. Suddenly, coherent control has become routine in the STM!

Our group is developing these capabilities. And others, such as Majorana studies in spin chains on superconductors, time crystals in magnetic nanostructures and other recent and amazing topics. Join us!

Recently our team has been awarded with one of the six BasQ projects performing experiments in the IBM quantum computers. The project at partnership with IBM is yielding its first fruits. For more information, please read this


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