Vibrations with Kondo at the single-molecule level: new paper

  Check out our last paper in Nano Letters. Here, we do a follow-up of our Science paper, changing the nickelocene molecular tip by a cobaltocene one. Cobaltocene is spin 1/2 and displays a strong Kondo peak that couples to multiple vibrations. We show that some spectral features are due to the coupling of Kondo plus molecular vibrations.


New paper in Nano Letters

Check out our last paper in Nano Letters. In this theoretical-experimental study in collaboration with CNRS colleagues we show how an organic molecule becomes magnetic after being doped by Aluminum atoms. This is interesting since we show how magnetism can be turned on without the need of transition metal atoms, but with a light, non-magnetic dopant.


Science paper featured in Mapping Ignorance

A summary of our Science paper showing magnetism on the atomic scale, has been featured in Mapping Ignorance.


New paper in Science

Our paper on Science about atomic-scale spin sensing with a single molecule at the apex of a scanning tunneling microscope. Check out our latest work published in Science in collaboration with colleagues from Argentina, France, and Germany.


New paper in Reviews of Modern Physics

Our paper on Reviews of Modern Physics about atomic spin chains on surfaces studied by scanning probes: theoretical and experimental details. Checkout a summary of the article in Mapping Ignorance.


New paper in Nature Communications

Our paper on Nature Communications about collective effects on the Kondo effect by creating an array of spins on a Ag (111) surface has been featured in Mapping Ignorance.


New paper in Angewandte Chemie

Our paper in Angewandte Chemie. Getting magnetic properties on an organic molecule is difficult. Bur more and more cases are being revealed thanks to the STM and the Kondo effect. On this paper, we explain how an organic molecule can have a spin. This is wonderfully explained in Mapping Ignorance.