We are hiring!


Post-doctoral Position at the Quantum Phenomena on Surfaces Group:

We are expanding! Our group has recently acquired a state-of-the-art Unisoku T-1300 milli-Kelvin STM with built-in microwave driving, and we are seeking a post-doctoral candidate to help us in its daily operation. The ideal candidate will have innovative experimental ideas, excellent technical skills in any of the following: ultra-high vacuum systems, very low temperature environments, microwave engineering and/or scanning probe techniques.
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Pre-doctoral Positions at the Quantum Phenomena on Surfaces Group:

Join our team at the Materials Physics Center in collaboration with the Donostia International Physics Center in San Sebastián, Spain. We are looking for highly motivated candidates interested in pursuing PhD research in Experimental Solid State Physics, Surface Science, or Quantum Nanoscience.

  1. PhD Position in Quantum Control of Molecular Qubits:   This project focuses on exploiting ESR-STM capabilities with molecular qubits to advance quantum computing technology. The candidate will develop quantum algorithms and systems to enhance control precision, scalability, and adaptability of molecular qubits, aiming to overcome current technological hurdles and discover new quantum phenomena.  Please, click here for more information. 
  2. PhD Position in Topological Superconductivity:   This research involves using magnetic atomic nanostructures on superconducting surfaces to perform topological quantum computing. By arranging atoms in specific patterns that mimic the lattice parameters of the superconductor, it is possible to induce bands of paired single-particle states, creating a new type of superconductivity with distinct topological properties. This could enable the generation and manipulation of Majorana states using STM technology. Please, click here for more information.